Bluestacks Trick to Change IMEI and Device ID


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Bluestacks trick to change IMEI and Device Id – Many of tricks needed to change IMEI and device Id of bluestacks. this trick will enable one to use one bluestacks as multiple devices. Some apps like Freecharge, Snapdeal will require a different device IDs fror their offers like Snapdeal refer and earn, freecharge refer and earn and more. I will show you step by step procedure of changing IMEI and device id without rooted phone. I will also add a bonus tip at the end of the post.

Bluestacks for Beginners – How to Install Bluestacks and BS tweaker 

Bluestacks Trick to Change IMEI and Device ID

Bluestacks Trick to Change IMEI and Device ID

How to Change IMEI and Device ID in Bluestacks

1. You will need rooted bluestacks download from here Click Here and BS Tweaker for the trick downlaod BS tweaker from Click Here

2. Install both of the above files.

3. Run BS Tweaker click on Start BS (Step no. 1).

4. You will get a panel open like in the image.

5. To change GUID click on change (Step no. 4) and change it with any random value.

6. To change IMEI click on get ID (step no. 2) then clik on change (step no.3) and enter the random values.

Now you had successfully changed the IMEI and GUID of bluestacks. Now as promised Here are the Bonus.

Bonus : Change Device Model of the Bluestacks

1. Click on Full Stop Now BS will be exited and you can reset your Bluestacks.

2. To change your device model you need .prop files for the same. that can be found using click on folder icon :folder:

3. Now you would be able to select a number of prop files for device model you can change it from samsung s4 to LG G3 to Huawei honor and more. Just select them and change your device model.

This Bonus trick will help you to use bluestacks for phone specific offers like galaxy app offer, Paytm galaxy offer (Earlier was giving 100% Cashback on recharges on paytm) and more.