Amazon App Fashion Treasure Hunt – 9 March 2017


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Amazon App Fashion treasure Hunt in March brings you fashion products at Rs. 1. You can have a UCB Jacket worth Rs 10,000 at Rs 1 or a Levis Jeans worth Rs. 5000 at Rs 1 there are many prizes to win. Clues for the Amazon Sale would be Published every 15 minutes on the Amazon app. Offer would be commencing from 10 March 2016 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

This sale is similar as the christmas Amazon app treasure hunt. You will get a clue and on the basis of that you have to find the product and you would get the product for Rs 1.

All Clue Answerss of Amazon Fashion Treasure Hunt Would be Published on this Post.

Clues will be showed every 15 minutes. If you know the you can also help others Do comment below and help others also to win prizes.

Amazon App Fashion Treasure Hunt – 9 March 2017 All Solved Clues 

[Sale is live from 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM]

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How Does Product Looks Like In Amazon Treasure Hunt

amazon app fashion treasure Hunt March Clue Answers

How to Get Products under Amazon Rs 1 Sale

amazon app fashion treasure hunt

1 . Download Amazon App Click Here 

2. Find the solution of the Clue.

3. Search for the product.

4. Add that into your cart at lightning deal [Which would be at Rs 1]

5. Select your Delivery Address, Mobile no. etc.

6. Complete the payment and place your order.

Terms and Conditions

1. Treasure Hunt is live from 12:00 pm and ending 6:00 pm on 9 March 2017.

2. Every 15 minutes commencing from 12:00 PM until 6:00 PM Amazon will be displaying a clue to a product listed on the Promotion page of the App.

3. To participate in this Promotion, a participant is required to: (a) identify and search for the Product associated with the particular clue; and (b) visit the product detail page of such Product displayed on the App.

4. Offer is Valid until stocks for such Product available at the promotional rates last.

5. Each participant can purchase a Product once for each clue during the Promotion Period.

6. Standard shipping charges, applicable taxes, cash on delivery charges, payment and return policies available on the App shall apply to any purchase made by eligible participants under this Promotion.


Today’s Clues Clue Answerss – 9 March 2017

 [9 March 2017] Clue Clue Answers

1:15 Pm Clue Answer

Clue for 1:15 am: The military will slice and turn off the lights in lbach to win.

Blockbuster Clue : Keep an Eye on Denmark’s Northmost town

Blockbuster Clue Answer : Diesel End of Season Fleet Analog Beige Dial Men’s Watch 

1:00 Pm Clue Answer : 

1:00 PM Clue : in HongKong “Fashion is Everyone”

12:45 Pm Clue Answer : Lavie Beas Women’s Shoulder Bag (Tan)

12:45 PM Clue : She Went Swimming in the beas river and came out all tanned

12:30 Pm Clue Answer : Maxima Mac Analog Silver Dial Women’s Watch – 20680LPLI

12:30 Clue : Maximum Time Goes in Wooing a Person    

12:15 Pm Clue Answer : Hush Puppies Men’s Liners Socks (Pack of 3) (8904135504315_HOSN269_Multicolor)

Blockbuster Clue : A squadron of pale sandy coloured ships reached at the same time to refuel 

Blockbuster Clue Answer : Diesel End of Season Fleet Analog Beige Dial Men’s Watch 

12:15 PM Clue : shh.. cover your ankle and walk in line

12:00 Pm Clue Answer : giordano 60068 black/yellow watch

Previous Treasure Hunt

 [17 June 2016] Clue Clue Answers

12:15 PM Clue – However do you want me, however do you need me

Clue Answers – BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo for Instant Freshness, 125ml

12 noon Clue – An idee and the new black Clue Answers – IDEE Wayfarer Sunglasses (IDS1844C3SG|100|Light Orange )

BlockBuster Clue – Key to one of the toughest triathlons lies with a sleek American since 1854 Clue Answers – Timex Ironman® Sleek 150 Digital Black Dial Unisex Watch – TW5M004006S

11:45 AM Clue – Hold your provisions like they do in Denver since 1910

Clue Answers – Samsonite Black Men’s Combo (Wallet and Card-Holder)(8901836101522) 11:30 AM

11:45 AM Clue – You need too keep a watch of where flower of salt is produced Clue Answers – Aveiro Analog Green Dial Men’s Watch-AV10MULTILTR Blockbuster

11:30 AM Clue – Wrap up your world and touch the amber sky with this travel partner Clue Answers – Skybags Nylon 60 Ltrs Yellow Hiking Rucksacks (RUC60LYEL) 11:15 AM

11:15 Am Clue – The secret recipe to make an Italian Salad is to add equal amounts pf blue and red chillies and to carry it in your hands

Clue Answers – Caprese Women’s Tote Bag (Magenta)

11 AM Treasure Hunt Clue – I could see only red and yellow everywhere, almost so that I was obsessed with it for a long period

Clue Answers – Idee Wayfarer Sunglasses

Blockbuster Clue – The queen’s jewel from the Daniel era, reflected on ocean hue Clue Answers – Daniel Klein Analog Blue Dial Women’s Watch – DK10155-2

Day 1 [10 March 2016] Clue Clue Answerss

2:15 PM Clue – 2149 ‘Butterflies’ delivered a coin pouch under the grey sky

Butterflies Women’s Wallet (GREY) (BNS 2149)

B00IJ8CVUC 2 PM Clue – Aerial Gadget costs an orange shade

Flying Machine Wayfarer Sunglasses (Orange) (FMS 089|115/108|Free Size)

BlockBuster Clue – Saurav Ganguly | 22 Carrots | All that shines is Gold |Don’t be a drop in the ocean

Senco Gold 22k Yellow Gold Drop Earrings

1:45 PM Clue – Finding emeralds may have been a colossal success

 Maybelline Colossal Kohl Crushed Emerald – B00S4R5OK2

1:30 PM Clue – Chal beta selfie, le, le re 

The Official Bajrangi Bhaijaan Silver Pendant

Blockbuster Clue – The code from Willow Wale Downunder points to the fuel station

 Diesel End of Season Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch – DZ4209

1:15 PM Clue – Who am I? I have long strappy arms; I am in Navy and part of the VIP Club

Caprese Women’s Sling Bag (Navy) (SGTWIRSMNBL) – B00W6Q1AVO

1 PM Clue – There was mayhem in my oval peripheral vision 

Mayhem Oval sunglasses (Copper Brown) (MAYS-1020-261)

BlockBuster Clue – A load bearing companion for your march through the nature towards the sky 

Skybags Nylon 55 Ltrs Grey Hiking Rucksacks (RUC55LGRY)

12:45 PM Clue – Amrapali charmed everybody away with her empowering style 

Vogue Empower by Amrapali Charm Bracelet for Women (Red) (EMP-BRACE) – B00NTTPFW2

12:30 PM Clue – Head Cover from a 143 year old clothsmaker has a peak but no brim 

Levi’s Men Cap Blue – B00ZWL8H0W

Blockbuster Clue –The relic found in 1984, has a white face and unevern hands dating back to 1485 –

Fossil End of Season Nate Analog White Dial Men’s Watch – JR1485

12:15 PM Clue – The glamorous singer looked polished and a colorful sensation on stage 

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Polish, Glam 3(5ml) – B00HU30W12

12 PM clue – Dial 15421 for an OMG Experience 

Timex OMG Analog White Dial Unisex Watch – TWEG15421

Blockbuster Clue – If you’re a Top Gun, you’re worth your style in Gold 

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses (Gold) (RB3025|001/51|58) – B00IJBBXPI

11:45 PM Clue – A dark panther pounces from east to west 

Puma Allure East-West Black Wallet (7161905) – B00HV4AY6S

11:30 PM Clue – Oh, that’s a shiny gun ! I need to ________ my eyes 

Flying Machine Aviator Sunglasses (Shiny Gun) (FMS-111-205|62)

Blockbuster Clue – Danish your with the face of Gold 

Skagen End of Season Gitte Analog Gold Dial Women’s Watch – SKW2262

11:15 PM Clue – Life is too plastic without beige 

Baggit Women’s Wallet (Beige)

11 AM Clue – Greet your ego with time and mney together

Maxima Ego Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch with Wallet and a Greeting Card Combo – (E-01093COMBO)

Blockbuster Clue – Her aura even at 18 was precious like gold and diamonds 

ORRA 18k White Gold and Diamond Pendant

10:45 AM Clue – The Casual Tourister was yellow with shame 

American Tourister Yellow Casual Backpack (67W (0) 92 001) – (B015E8VAA)

10:30 AM Clue – Sling a song, “c’est la vie!” 

Lavie Women’s Sling Bag (Black) – B015E92RF

Blockbuster Clue – The year of oxfordshire rising was watched by all 

Diesel End-of-Season Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch – DZ1596I (B00NV1VJ5K)

10:15 AM Clue -The Original Jeansmaker’s Money Bag has shades of sky 

Levis FW 14 Blue Men’s Wallet (19193-0002) – B00S168JVC

10 AM Clue – #ffff00 degree Farenheit

Farenheit Wayfarer Sunglasses FA-2000-C6 – B00MPLZE9O

Blockbuster Clue – Be Excited ! Postman Steve has a surprise in his satchel

Steve Madden Women’s Satchel (Black) (BEXCITE_Black) – B01AU8PNBM